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Yona: A Smoky Mountain Bear’s Tale is a charming picture book, lavishly illustrated with watercolors, about a bear cub named Yona. Born in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Yona explores the countryside with Momma Bear, learning how to survive and live in the beautiful wilderness. As seasons pass, he grows and has another story to tell. Share with your child the peacefulness of the forest and the life cycle that is so much a part of nature.


Ollie & Tilla : A Snail’s Tale :A story about two snails that go on a short journey and grow into a family. Along the way they meet many friends and see many different things.




Geoff Papers, a boy with big dreams makes the impossible possible.


Mya has a teddy bear named Harry that she loves so, but she wished that he would do more than sit and stare at her with a big grin. Into an adventure she goes, is it a dream or is it real? Find out for yourself and say Hello to Harry.



Take a journey with a boy to the sea. How will he get there? Soon you will see all the wonderful mysterious creatures under the sea.


A story of a baby duck named Millie, strays away far from home. Upon her journey she meets many new friends, that she sees no difference in herself compared to them. Millie’s new friends help her find her way back home, upon her return she has learned her lesson and made many new friends on her long journey.


An adventure about determined group of turtles, try many different ways to make it to the moon. Many times they fail, but never give up. Finally they make it to their destination, The Moon. Try, Try, Try again, and never give up.


A new baby is on the way, and family is a key role in helping Lateesa an only child adjust to the new arrival.


This is a story based out of the Mississippi Delta, about a family whose roots run deep, a relationship built on love and togetherness. A solid foundation that’s supports everyday life. “As long as you have family you are not poor, you are rich with life and love.” – Bridgette Edmond


A colorfully illustrated picture book, filled with birds and their funny sounds. A fun book for children to learn about birds and use their imagination.


A story based on my grandparents, that lived their lives out in the heart of “The Great Smoky Mountains”, on a farm, where they lived and worked the land. A simple and short story that will surely warm your heart and soul.

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